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Instagram Impressions from Story Views

What are Impressions on an Instagram Story?!

Instagram impressions signal the number of times content has been seen, while reach is the volume of users that saw a story or post. These two important Instagram business metrics help measure the flow of traffic and size of the audience viewing a feed.

Stories have become relevant as posts for users sharing content on the IG platform.

Instagram impressions on a story show the total number of times a story was seen by other accounts. If a user looks at a particular post in a story more than one time, it will generate one reach and multiple impressions. For example, if a user were to start watching your story, and then click "back" while viewing it, the specific story post that got multiple views will show more impressions on it. Back clicks in a story are generally a good metric to have as they signal more interest what's being shared. Conversely, a higher rate of forward clicks can suggest people are just rapidly scrolling through your feed.

Interestingly... buying Instagram story views seldom, if ever, interact with a post.

When buying story views, viewers of a story will not click forward, backwards or trigger any navigation statistics while viewing the feed. Therefore, while story views can be a useful tool to gain extra exposure and reach, it is important that real users view and click through a story as well to have an organic looking statistics.

When I buy story views, why do they not interact with my post?

This is because accounts are connecting to and viewing a story through the Instagram API. This is the same idea as when someone buys likes that don't trigger any impressions... the likes are actually being delivered through the API and not via someone clicking on the content itself.

How do I get more real users to interact with my story on Instagram?

The frequency of posting stories can dramatically increase the number of people seeing them. Stories should be regularly added to, ensuring that the feed is always more visible to followers. Furthermore, adding hashtags and locations can help drive additional traffic to a story, giving a higher probability for more users to see it. If you notice a drop in impressions over-time or a lot of users exiting your story then there's a good chance that the quality of content being provided is too low.

Remember that content is king when wanting to earn more engagements on content. Add polls, questions and other interactions to your story to get more users interacting with your account!

In conclusion, quality Instagram stories are a great way to engage any audience, and when an account has over 10k followers they are able to add the swipe feature to better funnel traffic to an end. Make adjustments to the frequency and timing of posts to get a larger viewing. You're able to find our story views by clicking here and if you're interested in buying Instagram impressions for your posts, you can read more about our different packages by clicking the links below:

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