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Instagram Impressions from Home Meaning

What are Instagram Impressions from home?!

A majority of the Instagram impressions on our website include "impressions from home", but what do they mean?

Instagram impressions themselves signal the number of times a post was seen by or shown to others.

There are many places where Instagram impressions can be gained. When it comes to "Instagram impressions from home", this statistic suggests the number of times a post has been seen via the main feed on Instagram. If someone likes a photo or video on IG, it can be made visible to their friends and followers (determined by whether the account is public or private) which increases "impressions from home". Instagram users also see if their friends liked the content as well, giving a post social proof and possibly a good reason for more people to engage with it. This is a way that high quality content reaches a large number of users on Instagram!

When a post goes viral, "Instagram impressions from home" can get quite high, shown by the example below:

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Do I need to buy Instagram Impressions?

We feel that Instagram Impressions are THE MOST important type of engagement out there, which is why we named the website Insta Impressions. Impressions are not about aesthetics, they are about stats and rankings. Impressions can play a role in getting content to trend and this is why majority of the other websites will not provide them to you.