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Instagram Impressions from Profile Meaning

What are Instagram impressions from profile?

A majority of the Instagram impressions packages on our website include "impressions from profile", but what does this business insight mean?

Instagram impressions signal the number of times a post was seen by or shown to others. On the other hand, post reach is the number of different accounts that have seen a post.

There are a number of sources where an Instagram post can earn impressions from. When it comes to "Instagram impressions from profile", this insight is the number of times a post has been seen via an account's profile page. Since impressions mean the number of times content is seen, a single IG user viewing a post can accumulate more than one impression on it.

When a post gains a lot of traction, "Instagram impressions from profile" can be high, exemplified by the image below:

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Example of Buying Instagram Impressions from Profile

A before and after when ordering impressions!

The two images below show what an order of 3000 “impressions from profile” looks like. The delivery of this service yields about 3K reach and impressions from profile.

Before Order

 Instagram impressions from profile and post reach

After Order

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Buy Instagram Impressions

We offer a range of impressions to buy!

If you're interested in buying Instagram impressions, you can read more about our different packages by clicking the links below:

*Instagram Impressions Combo - Get relatively equal Instagram impressions from all sources.

*Instagram Impressions Combo with Profile Visits - Get Instagram impressions from all sources with profile visits.

*Instagram Impressions from Other - Get Instagram impressions mostly from other.

*Instagram Impressions from Profile - Get Instagram impressions mostly from profile.

*Instagram Impressions from Explore Page - Get a mixture of impressions with most from the explore page.