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Instagram Impressions from Other Meaning

What are Instagram impressions from other?

One of the most questioned sources of Instagram impressions are "impressions from other"... so what does this business insight mean?

Instagram impressions determine the number of times a post was seen by or shown to others.

When it comes to getting "Instagram impressions from other", this can mean a variety of things. For example, a post can get a boost in reach when it’s shared in direct messages. Another source of this analytic is seen when a user views their saved posts. When post notifications show up on an account this can also earn "impressions from other" if it's clicked; the same goes when an account is tagged in a post. A last example that we will give about gaining this statistic is when a post is embedded in a website or shared elsewhere online, such as in forums.

The post analytics below show that a lot of "impressions from other" can potentially generate more profile visits and engagement:

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Example of Buying Instagram Impressions from Other

A before and after when ordering impressions!
The two images below show what an order of 3000 “impressions from other” looks like. The delivery of this service often over-delivers impressions, in this case about 3x, and yields post reach as well.

Before Order

 Instagram impressions from other and post reach

After Order

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