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This is an exclusive service of real Instagram comments. These comments come from real accounts, are delivered with a like and are targeted to content.

Send female IGTV power comments from high quality accounts to an IG post.

All you need to do is: choose a power comments package at the bottom of this page, enter a post link in the order box, and then click submit. All Instagram comments orders are no refill/no refund given that they can be deleted. You can also find random comments, random IGTV comments, power comments, male comments, female comments, emoji comments, male IGTV comments, female IGTV comments, and emoji IGTV comments on this site.

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Please note that real IG comments are not an instant service. This solution is similar quality to the powerlikes found on this website. Fastest service start times are between 10am to 8pm London, England time (GMT).

Buy IG comments without needing to register on this website.

There’s no need to access an Instagram account or to sign up on this website to complete any order. If an order does not start delivering within 48 hours a refund is given as long as the guidelines in the next section of this page are followed. This service usually starts delivering within 1-4 hours, but can take longer when large queues are present.

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Guidelines on How to Buy Female IGTV Comments

You must read the following information before making a purchase on Insta Impressions!

a) Orders of comments cannot be cancelled for any reason and there are no refills / no refunds. There are no refunds once an order has been placed unless it cannot deliver. If the link that was entered is wrong and the request is sent to another post, please understand that the comments will complete and no refund will be offered.

Link Example:

b) The Instagram account and post have to be public when sending comments. If an account is private or comments are only allowed by followers of an account then the order will not process and you will be refunded. If a post gets deleted or an account/post gets switched from public to private in the middle of an order it will be completed and there will be no refund.

c) Include "https://" and "www." in the post link. This service may not deliver properly when the wrong link format is used. If you submit a username the order will not work.

*Most requests start delivering within 1 - 4 hours unless otherwise specified. All services are guaranteed to start within 48 hours or funds are automatically refunded, except when delays are warned to be in effect.

***Enter a valid email in the shopping cart to ensure contact can be made if necessary.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Content Promotion

Promote your business on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Does your business or brand have a strong presence on social media?

Using social media has become a staple in most marketing plans.

It's always good for us to consider which platforms are most beneficial to invest time in and use before starting a marketing campaign. Facebook and Instagram are integrated and are still the kings of social media, so it’s usually relevant for a business to be present on them. Twitter and YouTube are also common, TikTok is picking up pace, and others like LinkedIn and Pinterest could also be useful.

Sometimes the most beneficial platform(s) can depend on the content being shared, product being sold, and/or brand being promoted, amongst other factors. For example, many musicians used SoundCloud and Spotify, while maintaining and Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube presence. It’s evident that social media is not just for personal use as it can catalyze business, networking and further opportunities.

Remember to consider:

*Setting goals for a social media campaign.

*Determining a target audience and some common hashtags that are used within a niche.

*Planning out posts ahead of time to build a quality feed.

*Keeping in touch with fans, commenting and communicating with others.

Social media can open a world of opportunities for a business or anyone trying to network.

However, getting noticed on the internet isn’t easy when going against the top companies and influencers of the world. Web marketing allows us to create an online brand identity and to share it with everyone. When someone doesn't know about a business, social media creates an avenue for others to learn about it.

The internet makes the world smaller and a lot of business is based on creating and maintining quality relationships and high levels of trust. The great thing about social media is that it connects buyers and sellers, companies and their customers, on a real level where they are able to freely communicate with one another. We can use these platforms to connect with the world's top professionals who are ready to network with us!

Social media marketing (SMM) is using the different available platforms to promote products and services on.

Consider creating an Instagram account when taking a business on social media to give it more exposure. The platform has seen tremendous growth in the last few years and is connected to other social media networks, such as Facebook, which gives more power and synergy to marketing campaigns. However, solely creating an Instagram account and posting content isn’t enough to be successful.

There’s a variety of social media marketing (SMM) techniques, services and solutions to use and access for any digital marketing mix. This website focuses on reselling quality engagement solutions and related services at low prices. When using this website, remember that: you are your own social media manager and accept all responsibilities for your actions while using this website; therefore, InstaImpressions is not liable for any actions as a result of using this website nor using the services/solutions/techniques/etc. on it. Please remember that the services/solutions/techniques used on this website,, must be undertaken in a manner which follows all agreements made with Instagram/YouTube/Twitter and any other social media site on their individual Terms of Services page.

Take a business on social media to give it extra exposure.

Social media has seen massive growth over the last few years and Instagram is taking other platforms by storm as it nears 1 billion monthly active users. While many social media platforms are still frequently used, the recent releases of IGTV and shopping features on Instagram have made this popular sharing medium the centerpiece celebrities, businesses and others use to connect fans to their products, services and content. With millions of photos being posted on a daily basis, Instagram sees millions more likes being given by its user base each day, creating a lot of different oppotunities to capitalize on.

Social media in general and Instagram specifically are becoming highly competitive spaces. As a result, many people are trying to catch an edge to promote themselves, the brands and products they represent. People look favorably on social media accounts with large followings that have a lot of engagement; due to the bandwagon effect people are often more likely to take an interest in pages that so many others have as well.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM) is a type of digital marketing to increase brand exposure through the use of social media platforms. This may help to improve brand loyalty and its authority. For example, content is produced and shared with a network to promote a product or service. Main goals of the content can be increasing brand awareness to increase traffic and convert more traffic into sales. Further, improved search engine rankings (SEO) with higher coversion rates to again conver that traffic into more money.

What is content promotion?

Content promotion is finding ways to increase the traffic and number of people seeing a piece of online work. Boosting the reach of content can be done through paid and organic mediums, which may include pay-per-click advertising, connecting with influencers, PR, extensive marketing campaigns on social media, etc. The goal is always finding the right networks and influencers to share our content with.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

What is SMO?

Social media optimization (SMO) is the use of techniques and strategies to increase the reach and sharing of content, often with a main goal monetizing the web traffic created. It's helpful to establish a strong web presence for a business by helping content reach more of its target audience. This may help build trust in a brand, which can lead to many downstream benefits. Therefore, SMO is about increasing the awareness of a product or service by using social media to generate publicity. As social media platforms become saturated with accounts, especially those with higher levels of engagement, it is important that individuals and businesses know how to stay visible on the platforms, remain competitive amongst their peers, and use the necessary techniques to gain a position in the spotlight.

It's always good to focus on creating quality content, and then tagging it with a location and hashtags to increase the exposure of it. A lot of the time social media platforms want us to advertise our accounts and content with their solutions. Social media platforms like Instagram thrive on their ability to generate revenue through ads. Therefore, it may be a good idea to spend a bit of money on advertising campaigns through a platform to mix up a marketing strategy.

Do I need to buy Instagram followers or fans for other platforms?

The answer depends on a person’s marketing strategy, their budget and other factors. What we know is that buying followers is one of the quickest ways to increase a fan base, but doing so does not guarantee that actual engagement will increase. There is a need to post quality content and then make it visible to as many others as possible via hashtags, geolocation searches and other techniques.

There is no necessity to buy followers, but it is a very common practice amongst influencers, businesses and individuals using social media. Why? A big reason is that accounts are often judged by the number of fans they have. These days, for example, the competition on Instagram is tough and people are known to invest in followers regularly. The same is known for Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Soundcloud and more. On Instagram users get specific features when they hit certain numbers of followers, which gives more incentive to buy followers on this platform.

Why should I buy Instagram followers or fans for other platforms?

On Instagram, the most important feature for business and creator accounts is having the ability to add a website link to their story for fans to swipe. The swiping feature is unlocked when an account reaches 10K followers. The costs and benefits of adding followers on social media can vary with each platform. Always do you own due diligence and act in accordance with the terms and services of each platform that you are using.

Buying followers on any platform is argued to give psychological advantages from herding behavior to the bandwagon effect. Although, be aware that buying followers is never the solution to get an account more engagement and is most often against the terms of a platform. Important to reiterate is that quite often paid followers do not interact with content and will stop following an account at some point in time.

Is it safe to buy Instagram followers, likes and other forms of engagement? What about for other social media platforms?

Instagram (and many other social media applications) frowns upon buying followers, likes and other forms of engagement in their guidelines. They also directly specify that no third party apps should be used to boost an account or gain a competitive elde as an account can and probably will face implications. While this is true, it is known that many small, medium and large sized accounts buy fans as a standard practice.

While many companies boast that it is safe to buy followers, likes and other forms of engagement, this cannot truly be guaranteed in the future. As was previously stated, when using InstaImpressions, you must respect and accept that you are responsible for your own actions and release us from any liability or your actions while using this website and/or the services on it.

Do I need to buy Instagram likes or positive engagement for other social media platforms?

Sometimes people want a push to gain traction and momentum when they post content. This can be done in a number of ways, from running advertisements and sponsored posts to getting extra engagement from elsewhere, such as pods. The best way to get Instagram likes is to organically build a quality community that genuinely cares about the content being produced.

Content is always king, regardless if one buys likes or not. Remember to get ahead of the big competitors by planning and strategizing well executed marketing campaigns. Get a firm grip on the target market to be able to produce content applicable to their needs.

Why Insta Impressions?

Your safety and confidentiality is our #1 priority.

Privacy and safety PayPal is used for payments and is a secure medium. There is no need to process any social media account’s login information to complete orders. If an order does not deliver or has issues an email is sent to the buyer to keep contact and reprocess orders ASAP to ensure engagement is flowing.