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Instagram Impressions from Explore Meaning

What are Instagram impressions from explore?!

A lot of the Instagram impressions packages on our website include "impressions from explore", but what does this statistic mean?

Instagram impressions are the number of times a post was seen by or shown to others.

Instagram impressions mainly come from the home feed, a profile, location tags, hashtags, other and the explore page. When it comes to "Instagram impressions from explore", this is the number of times content has been seen via the explore page feed. While Instagram has made an effort to personalize the explore page for its users, it is a known technique that adding impressions from the explore page with powerlikes, saves, comments and other forms of engagement can help with ranking higher on it. Although, techniques for ranking may change in the future as the Instagram algorithm is updating by constantly learning more about its user's behaviors.

Getting impressions can lead to an increase in post exposure and potentially more followers, shown by the example below:

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Example of Buying Instagram Impressions from Explore

A before and after when ordering impressions!

The two images below show what an order of 3000 “impressions from explore” looks like. The delivery of this service often over-delivers impressions, and included about 15% profile visits in relation to the total order size. Most important, is that impressions are gained across many different areas and can help increase exposure on hashtags.

Before Order

 Instagram impressions from other and post reach

After Order

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Buy Instagram Impressions

We offer a range of impressions to buy!

If you're interested in buying Instagram impressions, you can read more about our different packages by clicking the links below:

*Instagram Impressions Combo - Get relatively equal Instagram impressions from all sources.

*Instagram Impressions Combo with Profile Visits - Get Instagram impressions from all sources with profile visits.

*Instagram Impressions from Other - Get Instagram impressions mostly from other.

*Instagram Impressions from Profile - Get Instagram impressions mostly from profile.

*Instagram Impressions from Explore Page - Get a mixture of impressions with most from the explore page.